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How to Order Your Uniforms From PMP Sports Zone

Our website is designed as a shopping tool that gives you the opportunity to see lots of different brands and styles, allowing you to find the product that is just right for your team or league.  We're probably a little bit different from some of the other sites you've visited, so we want to give you a quick overview to how we designed our website so you can have the best shopping experience looking for your new uniforms.

Searching and Viewing Products

When you visit a page on our site (ie:  basketball, football, soccer), use your mouse and place the curse directly over the image you would like more information about. You can then double click the image which is linked directly to our manufacturer's catalog page for that specific product.  The manufacturer's page will give you a complete overview on the product and how it is constructed.  It will generally provided information about the material the garment is constructed with, what color options are available to chose from, the sizes that are available, and possibly some recommended options for additional items that will work with, or are designed to match up specifically for the product you're considering.  Most of our manufacturer's have the “retail list price” shown for the garment on each page.  Please be aware that the suggest price“ IS NOT YOUR PRICE” and not what you will be paying.

Uniform Costs

Most of the stock "off the shelf" styles available from the different manufacturers are in the warehouse and ready to be shipped.  Your final cost for a blank (non decorated) shell will be significantly less than the suggest retail price shown on the manufacturer's page.  What you pay for your uniform will be based on an number of factors.   How many players are you ordering for?  Is it for one player, a team of players, a club with multiple teams, or an entire league.   The more you order, the larger the discount is that we're able to offer.  Most teams and leagues also desire their uniforms to be decorated with teams name and logos, league information, sponsor information, jersey numbers, and sometime individual player names. There are a number of different ways to decorate your uniforms, so costs will vary based upon how many garments you need done, how much decoration are putting on the uniform, and what type of decoration we are providing to acheive the look that you desire.  

PMP Sports Zone offers turnkey decorating service in heat press, embroidery, screen printing, tackle twill, and applique.  We also have an on staff graphic design artist making us a one stop shop with the ability to complete your uniforms from top to bottom.  Because each type of decoration has a different cost, the amount of decoration work varies for each customer, and the quantities required vary for every order, we custom price each order for our customers.  Your uniforms will be customized and priced specifically for you.


How to Get Your Price and Place an Order

When you find the uniform, or uniforms, that you like, please note the factory name, the uniforms style number, and the color you're interested in.   Visit our decoration page to see the different options available for you and decide how you would like your uniforms decorated.  If you are feeling creative you can sketch out the design on a piece of paper or print one of our blank template uniform shell that are in PDF format.  Then give us a call at 602.326.4290, email us at sales@pmpsportszone.com, or fax us at 480.854.8685 and well get you the exact cost for your complete uniform and the lead time it will take for your garments to be ready. 


What Happens After You Order

Once you place an order for your uniforms, our production department takes the concept you have given us and turns it into an image that will be sent to you for review and approval.  Once you have approved the artwork and how the garments will look, we are ready for the production.  A 50% payment deposit is required for all clubs and leagues before for production to start.  Once your payment is received your garments will then be decorated to your specification and ready for delivery.  The final payment is due at the time your uniforms are delivered.  We do accept purchase orders and offer payment terms for school orders.